Personalized schedules for any event

Running a multi-track event? Lanyrd makes event planning easy by allowing event organizers to turn on personalized schedules for all of their attendees, synchronized to their mobile phones and tablets through our iOS, Android and Mobile Web apps.

Anyone can add an event to Lanyrd, and the event’s organizers can then claim their event listing to take control of the listing and turn on extra abilities. We recently added some new features that are particularly useful for organizers running larger, multi-track events.

If you turn on personalized schedules for your attendees, each session listing gains two new buttons: Track, and Plan to Attend:

Attendees can use these to build a personalized schedule - tracking sessions they think look interesting, and marking their top picks as “plan to attend”. This also helps out with networking, since others can see the sessions someone will be at and aim to catch up with them there.

Personalized schedules are fully supported on our mobile apps too, including our snazzy multi-column iPad app (recently updated for the latest retina iPads) - and your custom schedule will be stored offline to protect against unreliable conference WiFi. They can even be subscribed to from your preferred calendar software via the iCal standard, so any new sessions you track will automatically show up in your calendar.

Even more event settings

Once you claim your event listing and head over to the settings tab, you’ll find a wealth of optional features, including:

  • An optional JSON API to your schedule and speakers, allowing you to build your own display for this data or synchronize it with other applications.
  • Our embeddable schedule and speaker widgets, for displaying content from Lanyrd on your own event site without needing to write any custom code.
  • The option to turn on a grid view for your schedule, ideally suited to events with more than one parallel track.
Our settings page

And one more thing... we've increased the number of editors you can assign to an event. Previously you could appoint up to two editors to help you manage your event listing - based on feedback from organizers, we've now removed that limit entirely.

Thomas Zinsavage commented…

Thanks for the tips. I have to take some time and go over them a bit more. I actually thought the limitations were to one editor.

Commented at 1:05am on 19th June 2014

sheila miguez commented…

This looks great, and I'm staff on an event. Should I be able to edit these settings? I do not see any options for them.

Commented at 5:18pm on 4th July 2014

Augustine Wheaton commented…

I will be proud when i am part.

Commented at 1:16pm on 30th July 2014


Time 1:24am

Date 9th May 2014


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