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Going to dConstruct? Help test our latest feature

We're trialling some nifty new functionality at dConstruct in Brighton next week. If you're attending that conference, you can start trying out our new "people you want to meet" feature today.

Posted at 9:58am on 31st August 2012 by Lanyrd Team

Link your Lanyrd profile to the rest of the web

You can now link your Lanyrd account to your profiles on other sites, making it easier for others to find out more about you and follow up with you after meeting you at an event.

Posted at 11:39am on 17th August 2012 by Lanyrd Team

Track topics on Lanyrd for smarter event suggestions

Today we're expanding the ways in which you can recieve event suggestions from Lanyrd: you can now track topics around the site, allowing you to subscribe to events that match your exact criteria and are happening in the places you care about.

Posted at 3:01pm on 13th August 2012 by Lanyrd Team

From designer to design team

Dan and I have been having a lot of fun collaborating on some incremental design changes to Lanyrd. We're by no means finished, but of course with a startup nothing ever is!

Posted at 9:28pm on 5th August 2012 by Natalie Downe

Scheduled maintenance planned for the 30th of July

We'll be putting Lanyrd in to read-only mode for a few hours on Monday morning.

Posted at 10:40am on 27th July 2012 by Lanyrd Team

Welcome, Dan Shallcross

Today we're excited to welcome Dan Shallcross, our first full-time designer, to the team here at Lanyrd.

Posted at 5:05pm on 24th July 2012 by Lanyrd Team

Claim your event, embed your schedule and use Lanyrd as the mobile app for your event

We're now inviting event organisers to claim their event listings on Lanyrd. Claiming an event is free and claimed events gain access to useful additional features including event descriptions, advanced schedule editing and the ability to embed schedule and speaker information on another website.

Posted at 3:58pm on 23rd July 2012 by Lanyrd Team

Week notes: Mobile web, fonts and foursquare

So, it's Friday, and I get my first opportunity to write some week notes. Fortunately for me, everyone's been back in the office and working hard on new, exciting, and non-secret things.

Posted at 2:25pm on 20th July 2012 by Andrew Godwin

How we built Lanyrd's foursquare integration

Last week we launched Lanyrd's integration with foursquare. Here's how it works under the hood. (If you aren't fascinated by APIs, HTTP, JSON and web hooks this post probably isn't for you).

Posted at 11:56am on 19th July 2012 by Simon Willison

New and improved: Lanyrd’s mobile web app

We've updated our HTML5 mobile web app, adding features, redesigning, and improving performance. Want access to your events without a data connection? Bookmark our mobile web app.

Posted at 4:28pm on 18th July 2012 by Jake Archibald and Lanyrd Team

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