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Announcing our unofficial SXSWi session planner and attendee directory

We're heading back to SXSW Interactive 2012 this year and Lanyrd will be more useful than ever. Use our mini site to plan your SXSW experience and ensure you catch the best sessions for you.

Posted at 6:05pm on 6th February 2012 by Jake Archibald and Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett and Tom Insam 🎩

Introducing the Lanyrd mobile web app

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our mobile web app (codenamed Project Hamster in our week-notes). The web app is an excellent complement to our mobile offering alongside our iPhone app, and includes offline storage making it invaluable during events.

Posted at 4:03pm on 31st January 2012 by Jake Archibald and Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett and Tom Insam 🎩

Lanyrd's SXSW Beginners Guide

The Lanyrd Team will be heading to SXSW this year and we're all looking forward to it! This will be the second time I attend and I remember how daunting my first visit was in 2009.

Posted at 5:03pm on 24th January 2012 by Sophie Barrett

Week notes: 'Europe', guide improvements and the chance to join our team

You can now invite curators to join your guide. Sophie, Simon and I visit Nottingham for NAconf and there is an opportunity to join our team as a graphic and user experience designer.

Posted at 10:24pm on 22nd January 2012 by Natalie Downe

Week notes: Guides, Wraps, and Wasabi Peas

It's been an exciting week for Lanyrd, because on Tuesday we launched the feature that's been occupying us for the last few weeks - Guides

Posted at 4:40pm on 13th January 2012 by Tom Insam 🎩

Introducing Guides

We’re pleased to announce a new feature, Guides! (codename Project Firefly if you’ve been reading the week-notes). Guides are a great way for you to create and curate an editorial list of conferences that matter to you.

Posted at 3:33pm on 10th January 2012 by Jake Archibald and Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett and Tom Insam 🎩

Week notes: Forbes, withdrawal symptoms and a touch of classes

Just as the party gets into full swing, January storms into the room, unplugs the stereo, disco lights, and starts shouting something about acting your age.

Posted at 4:32pm on 6th January 2012 by Jake Archibald

Week notes: Fireflying towards Christmas

This week we have mostly been concentrating on "Project Firefly", our last feature for 2011. We've moved beyond last weeks paper and wall based designs and have moved onto prototyping and building the feature.

Posted at 12:38pm on 17th December 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Week notes: Design process, stationery & Lego seagulls

It has been a week of juggling many exciting new things — not literally though because I have no co-ordination whatsoever. Project Hamster continues and we start in ernest on 'Project Firefly' which involves a significant amount of cutting gluing and sticking.

Posted at 2:38pm on 12th December 2011 by Natalie Downe

Campfire, Hubot and looking forward to 2012

This week we've mainly been playing with our new chat bot, and looking forward to the next round of conferences in 2012.

Posted at 4:22pm on 6th December 2011 by Simon Willison

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