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  1. Cold Chain Data Management – Combining Temperature & Shipment Information

    Temperature monitoring is an important part of the pharmaceutical cold chain. Thousands of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products are being shipped daily accompanied by data loggers tracking the temperature during transportation

    26th April 2012

  2. An Open and Shut Case: Trends in Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

    This webinar will discuss how new solutions utilizing wireless temperature monitoring and cloud-based technologies address these issues and provide actionable data for proactive management of the pharmaceutical cold chain

    5th June 2012

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    69% say reducing or preventing product deviations and excursions is their top priority for 2012…do you agree?

  4. 2012 Roadmap: IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive Products

    Free Webinar with Andrea Graf-Gruber, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    12th July 2012