Cyber Security

@Raquel Pimentel by Raquel Pimentel

  1. Cyber Security Breakfast

    Join Dionach for a breakfast seminar focusing on cyber security - Including a live hacking demo showing how an attacker could compromise your business

    United States United States, New York

    25th April 2017

  2. Cyber security essentials

    Join this one-day workshop on 15th June or 16th November in London, designed to cover the essentials of cyber security in a single day.

    England England, London

    15th June 2017

  3. CyberSecurity International Symposium

    Technology advances and strategies for minimizing cybersecurity risk for businesses, organizations, and critical infrastructure

    United States United States, Chicago

    10th11th July 2017

  4. CBI Cyber Security Conference

    CBI's Cyber Security conference is a must-attend if you are looking for the latest intelligence and practical advice to safeguard your business from a cyber attack.

    England England, London

    13th September 2017

  5. Cyber Security Chicago 2017

    Cyber Security Chicago offers invaluable security insight for both IT managers and security specialists.

    United States United States, Chicago

    18th19th October 2017

  6. Cyber Security - Threat Detection

    Protect the security and integrity of the data of your organization by earning the Certificate in Cyber Security-Threat Detection.

    Netherlands Netherlands

    5th January 2018