Developer Events in 2014

@Ray Ploski by Ray Ploski

  1. JUDCon India 2014

    "India's largest JBoss Users & Developers Conference"

    India India, Bangalore

    30th31st January 2014

  2. FOSDEM 2014

    Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting

    Belgium Belgium, Brussels

    1st2nd February 2014

  3. DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference & Festival

    The Largest SF Developer-centric Conference

    United States United States, San Francisco

    1st6th February 2014

  4. jQuery Conference San Diego 2014

    Not your average jQuery Conference

    United States United States, San Diego

    12th13th February 2014

  5. Java Posse Roundup 2014

    An Open Spaces Conference with the Java Posse and Bruce Eckel

    United States United States, Crested Butte

    24th28th February 2014

  6. ConFoo 2014

    Building the web one byte at a time

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    26th28th February 2014

  7. QCon London 2014

    International Software Development Conference

    England England, London

    3rd7th March 2014

  8. JavaLand 2014

    The Java Community Conference

    Germany Germany, Brühl

    25th26th March 2014

  9. DevNation

    An open source, polyglot conference for application developers and maintainers.

    United States United States, San Francisco

    13th17th April 2014

  10. Devoxx France 2014

    La conférence des développeurs passionnés

    France France, Paris

    16th18th April 2014

  11. Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2014

    Philly ETE - Connection, Collaboration, Community

    United States United States, Philadelphia

    22nd23rd April 2014