European front-end

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Good general front-end conferences in Europe.

  1. Web-5

    Sun, Grapes and Web-5, promote Javascript, WebGL, and HTML5

    France France, Beziers

    4th6th April 2012

  2. DIBI 2012

    Design It, Build It: The twin track web conference.

    England England, Newcastle upon Tyne

    15th17th April 2012

  3. Front-Trends 2012

    Second edition of European Front-Trends conference

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    26th27th April 2012

  4. The Future of Web Design London 2012

    Three days of cutting edge web design learning and inspiration

    England England, London

    14th16th May 2012

  5. JsDay 2012

    The most used language, the most needed conference

    Italy Italy, Verona

    16th17th May 2012

  6. Web Rebels

    All web - All the time

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    24th25th May 2012

  7. Ampersand 2012

    An affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers & type enthusiasts.

    England England, Brighton

    15th June 2012

  8. onGameStart 2012

    First HTML5 Game Conference

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    19th21st September 2012

  9. Webdagene

    Norges viktigste webkonferanse

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    26th28th September 2012

  10. added to guide by ppk

    I founded Fronteers and am still one of the organisers, so I'm biased. <g>

  11. Full Frontal 2012

    The JavaScript Conference

    England England, Brighton

    9th November 2012

  12. jQuery UK 2013

    jQuery UK is back in 2013, larger venue, same successful single track format

    England England, Oxford

    19th April 2013

  13. CSS Day 2013

    One day, eight speakers, eight CSS modules

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    13th14th June 2013