Curators of 'Events open to under 21s'

Anna Debenham (added 19 events)

Front End Developer

ScrunchUp (added 18 events)

The web magazine for the internet generation

Chris Northwood (added 5 events)

My own tweets about tech, the context it lives in & personal stuff; helps @barcampmcr; @BBCRD technologist working on cloud IP & object-based production tools

Jeffrey Zeldman (added 2 events)

A List Apart, An Event Apart, A Book Apart, Designing With Web Standards, The Big Web Show, School of Visual Arts, studio.zeldman

Natalie Lloyd (added 1 event)

Tech enthusiast, retired TEDx curator, art lover and constant business woman

Stuart Robson (added 1 event)

/ Front-End Developer / Maker of @rwdcalc / Curator of @handcodedlinks / Pardon me whilst I get my shoephone

Loreen Liberty (added no events)

Love my Dog, Reading, Traveling ~ Photographer ~ Like F1, SRF, and other racing ~ Science/Techie/Physics Geek ~ A face of sexual abuse & sexual crimes.

Charlotte Spencer (added no events)

they/them. building communities. hot mess powered by non-binary binary code. queer af. [@hoodiehq, @yourfirstpr, @wealljs, @codebar]

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