Game-related events around Ireland

@whykay by whykay

Game jams, industry events, networking events around Ireland.

  1. GAME exhibition

    The Future of Play @ScienceGallery

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    26th October 2012 to 18th January 2013

  2. Irish Indies Showcase Evening

    10 Irish Indies demo their games and you get to talk to the team behind the games. With introductions by Ray

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    12th December 2012

  3. Super Fun Happy Games Bar

    The Super Fun Happy Games Bar is taking over Cafe Soul for a one-off night of retro games related revelry! Featuring DJs, chipmusic, live performances, 8bit art, interactive installations and plenty of retro consoles! BYOB!

    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Londonderry

    13th14th September 2013

  4. GameCraft @ CultureTECH

    Game developers from all over will gather together in Derry, to pour forth their creative juices in an extravaganza of game development talent that hasn’t been seen since…well, since the last GameCraft , or another game jam.

    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Londonderry

    14th September 2013

  5. GameCraft UnPlugged

    Put away those com-pu-ters, get your scissors, paper, sticky tape and dice. This is on hands-on game jam hosted at Science Gallery.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    10th November 2013

  6. Cork GameCraft

    Our first Cork GameCraft hosted at St. John's College.

    Ireland Ireland, Cork

    22nd November 2013

  7. Coding Grace - Introduction to Unity Workshop

    Our fifth female-friendly workshop. Curious about making games, let Owen Harris from bitSmith Games show you how with Unity.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    25th November 2013

  8. Dublin GameCraft IV

    "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening..." ♪ ♫ An early Christmas present to all, we are going to run another Dublin GameCraft.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    7th December 2013

  9. [Coding Grace] Introduction to Processing Workshop

    Interested in creative programming? Come join us as Stephen Howell introduces us to Processing.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    15th March 2014

  10. [Coding Grace] Make a text-based game in Python

    Show you the basics of Python and make a text-based game to boot! No programming background required.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    28th April 2014

  11. Galway GameCraft

    Our first gamecraft in Galway, in association with Insight at NUIG, 091 Labs and Galway Game Jam.

    Ireland Ireland, Galway

    10th May 2014

  12. Dublin GameCraft V

    Three-gamecrafts-in-one: GameCraft, GameCraft UnPlugged and GameCraft w/ Coder Dojo

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    17th18th May 2014

  13. [Coding Grace] Game Art Workshop

    Join Pete Mc Nally (Havok) showing you how to use 3DSMax, MudBox, Photoshop in our Game Art Workshop. Some basic knowledge of Max or a similar 3D package required.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    24th May 2014

  14. Python Ireland June Talks

    Séadna Long of SixMinute Games will be giving us a talk on "Managing game resources in a CI environment".

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    11th June 2014

  15. [Coding Grace] Introduction to PyGame

    Learn how to use Python and pyGame to create a simple 2D motoring racing game.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    5th July 2014

  16. *CANCELLED* [Coding Grace] Having fun with RoboCode and learn Java

    Come join us for a few hours of virtual robot wars and learn how to control your robot tank with Robocode.

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    28th July 2014

  17. Belfast GameCraft

    We are coming back to Belfast!! yay for game jams!!

    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Belfast

    18th October 2014

  18. GameCraft UnPlugged @ GaelCon

    In association with the Irish Games Association we're proud to present our next UnPlugged GameCraft event in October. Bring out the crafty side of you whether you are a game designer, storyteller, artists, table-top gamer, rpgers... you are all game-make

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    25th October 2014