@Andrew Disley by Andrew Disley

  1. GeekUp Leeds April 2009

    (one-off special with Dirk Ginader) + Pre FOWA Tour MeetUp

    England England, Leeds

    15th April 2009

  2. GeekUp Nottingham 6th Sept 2010

    General geekery and beer with TDD and Refactoring Ruby

    England England, Nottingham

    6th September 2010

  3. GeekUp Nottingham - November 2010

    Geekery and beer, and this month, with a dash of Agile

    England England, Nottingham

    1st November 2010

  4. GeekUp Leeds December 2010

    Grass root geekery in the UK

    England England, Leeds

    15th December 2010

  5. GeekUp Chester - Jan 2011

    January 2011 Meetup

    England England, Chester

    18th January 2011

  6. GeekUp Leeds - Jan 2011

    Hardboiled & sustainable

    England England, Leeds

    19th January 2011

  7. GeekUp Leeds Wednesday 16th February 2011

    Join us at the Lounge for a relaxing evening with friends.

    England England, Leeds

    16th February 2011

  8. GeekUp Leeds - March 2011

    GeekUp - a community of web designers, web developers, & other tech-minded folk from the UK

    England England, Leeds

    16th March 2011