HasGeek events

@Kiran Jonnalagadda by Kiran Jonnalagadda

Events organized by HasGeek in Bangalore and around India.

  1. DocTypeHTML5

    DocType HTML5 is a part conference, part workshop, and part genesis of a developer community around HTML5.

    India India, Hyderabad

    23rd January 2011

  2. AndroidCamp

    A participant-supported unconference on the technology and business of Android

    India India, Bangalore

    1st April 2011

  3. JSFoo Bangalore 2011

    It's like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript. India's first conference on JavaScript.

    India India, Bangalore

    1st October 2011

  4. Droidcon India 2011

    Droidcon is India's first national Android conference and is a part of the worldwide Droidcon series of events.

    India India, Bangalore

    18th19th November 2011

  5. JSFoo Pune 2012

    India's first JavaScript conference series

    India India, Pune

    21st January 2012

  6. JSFoo Chennai 2012

    India's first Javascript Conference Series comes to Chennai

    India India, Chennai

    18th February 2012

  7. Meta Refresh 2012

    India's first front-end engineering conference

    India India, Bangalore

    21st April 2012

  8. Inbox Alert (cancelled)

    All about message delivery across platforms

    India India, Bangalore

    16th June 2012

  9. Cartonama conference

    India's first location data conference

    India India, Bangalore

    22nd September 2012

  10. JSFoo 2012

    India's largest JavaScript conference

    India India, Bangalore

    19th20th October 2012

  11. Meta Refresh 2013

    On the construction of user interface on the web

    India India, Bangalore

    22nd23rd February 2013

  12. CSS for the soul

    CSS workshop by Sunil Pai

    India India, Bangalore

    16th17th March 2013