IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: Apr 16 - Apr 22, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. Digital Minds Conference, New Markets: New Models

    The London Book Fair conference

    England England, London

    15th April 2012

  2. Digital Media Europe 2012

    Connecting digital professionals from the media industry

    England England, London

    16th18th April 2012

  3. CEO Tales: Peldi, Balsamiq Mock Ups

    An evening with Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni, CEO of Balsamiq.

    England England, London

    17th April 2012

  4. Intra.net Reloaded

    From broadcasting to collaboration

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    17th18th April 2012

  5. Scrum Breakfast Romandie

    Monthly meetup for people interested in Scrum and Agile

    Switzerland Switzerland, Lausanne

    17th April 2012

  6. Games for TV

    Where Media Owners Learn to Leverage Games, and Gaming Companies Drive Media Innovation

    England England, London

    18th April 2012

  7. ContentCafé #3

    De contentgoudmijnen van Hilversum

    Netherlands Netherlands, Hilversum

    18th April 2012