IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: July 09 - July 16, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. ICCHP 2012

    13th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

    Austria Austria, Linz

    9th13th July 2012

  2. La Generazione Transmediale.

    Come i giovani creativi e la cultura partecipativa stanno cambiando il mondo attraverso i media.

    9th July 2012

  3. iOSDevUK 2012

    Second UK iOS developer conference

    Wales Wales, Aberystwyth

    10th12th July 2012

  4. Node.js Meetup Malmö #1

    Our first meetup will be mostly introductory to node and it's wondrous world!

    Sweden Sweden, Malmo

    10th July 2012

  5. Popup Hack

    Hacker evenings for busy people.

    Scotland Scotland, Glasgow

    10th July 2012

  6. UX Brighton - July

    Mobile User Testing edition

    England England, Brighton

    10th July 2012

  7. Leeds Girl Geeks {12}

    Definitely Does Compute

    England England, Leeds

    11th July 2012

  8. Free hot-desking day!

    Use all the DoES Liverpool services, free of charge

    England England, Liverpool

    13th July 2012