IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: June 04 - June 11, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. EyeTrackUX (America)

    Eye Tracking Conference on User Experience

    United States United States, Las Vegas

    4th June 2012

  2. SEACON 2012

    Denkzelle oder Lernfabrik: Innovation in kleinen und großen Unternehmen

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    4th5th June 2012

  3. Paris Gamification Day


    France France, Paris

    5th June 2012

  4. UX Bootcamp: Prototyping in Code

    An intensive weekend long workshop designed give designers and UX Professionals the skills needed to start designing with HTML, CSS and JavaScript rather than WYSIWIG

    England England, London

    7th9th June 2012

  5. Dutch Mobile Conference

    The conference for building mobile web(-apps)

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    7th9th June 2012

  6. metabridge

    metabridge connects top tech startups in Canada to California’s Silicon Valley through a series of targeted events and an annual premier retreat

    Canada Canada, Kelowna

    7th8th June 2012

  7. Front-End Design Conference 2012

    An annual event dedicated to content, presentation and behavior.

    United States United States, St. Petersburg

    8th9th June 2012

  8. Startup Weekend Zagreb

    No Talk, All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 hours.

    Croatia Croatia, Zagreb

    8th10th June 2012

  9. TEDx Oxbridge

    Unconventional Wisdom

    England England, Cambridge

    9th June 2012