IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: June 18 - June 25, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. Brandmarker 2012

    15th International Marketing Communication Congress held by Boğaziçi University Management&Economics Club

    Turkey Turkey, Istanbul

    18th22nd June 2012

  2. Mobile Connect

    Mobile Connect 2012 is the first event to address the strategic direction that will define enterprise IT for the next decade

    United States United States, Boston

    18th20th June 2012

  3. Cambridge Mobile App Group

    Meetup for anyone interesting in creating mobile apps in and around Cambridge

    England England, Cambridge

    19th June 2012

  4. LDNIA Design Summer 2012 #1

    LDNIA: a network of London designers, information architects and writers

    England England, London

    19th June 2012

  5. LeWeb London 2012

    LeWeb is on for a new Olympic challenge in London

    England England, London

    19th20th June 2012

  6. BerlinTwackers #3

    Berlin Twitter Hackers

    19th June 2012

  7. ÜberConf 2012

    The Ultimate Java Platform/Agility Experience

    United States United States, Westminster

    19th22nd June 2012

  8. HTML5 — sovelluskehityksen uusi aalto

    html5 jyväskylä aamupala

    Finland Finland, Jyvaskyla

    20th June 2012

  9. GSMA Mobile Asia Expo

    The New Mobile Era

    China China, Shanghai

    20th22nd June 2012

  10. .Nxt: Uncover the future of the Internet

    .Nxt is an Internet policy and governance conference, focusing on new gTLDs.

    England England, London

    20th22nd June 2012

  11. Django-cs #15 UX

    Python/Django community meetup #15: SPECIAL EDITION: Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About UX * But Were Afraid to Ask

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Prague

    20th June 2012

  12. Open Cloud Summit 2012

    Cloud Computing Conference

    Nigeria Nigeria, Lagos

    20th21st June 2012

  13. Berlin Tech Meetup

    Join fellow geeks, entrepreneurs, hackers and investors for an evening of live demos from people or companies developing great technology. Demos will typically be 5 minutes, each followed by Q&A. This is about technology, not PowerPoint company presentati

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    20th June 2012