IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: May 28 - June 04, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. Cleanweb Brighton pub meet

    A monthly meetup for the Brighton cleanweb community

    England England, Brighton

    28th May 2012

  2. Shh! Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers

    Let's face it ... this is the future we're building

    England England, Sheffield

    28th May 2012

  3. Powerful users or Digital losers

    re-imagining women online

    Australia Australia, Adelaide

    28th May 2012

  4. Ignite Miami

    If you had five minutes on stage, what would you say to Miami?

    United States United States, Miami

    29th May 2012

  5. GOTO Night Chicago

    Networking Event with Justin Sheehy, CTO Basho Technologies

    United States United States, Chicago

    29th May 2012

  6. GeekUp Liverpool May 2012

    grassroot geekery in the UK.

    England England, Liverpool

    29th May 2012

  7. Content Strategy Lightning Talks

    10 meetup members talking for 5 minutes about content strategy

    England England, London

    29th May 2012

  8. Open Mobile Summit 2012

    Connecting everything

    England England, London

    29th30th May 2012

  9. Product Design + Innovation Conference 2012

    The international forum focused on breaking down barriers and driving economic growth in product design

    England England, London

    29th30th May 2012

  10. Agile Australia 2012

    Adapt, Innovate, Collaborate, and Deliver!

    Australia Australia, Melbourne

    30th31st May 2012