IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: October 08 - October 15, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

    Rethink. Renew.

    Germany Germany, Frankfurt

    10th14th October 2012

  2. Storytelling TopDay 2012

    Pentru prima data in Tîrgu Mureș! Doi câștigători ai Premiului Pulitzer vin pentru tine.

    Romania Romania, Targu Mures

    10th October 2012

  3. Management 3.0

    Agile Leadership Practices

    Australia Australia, Melbourne

    11th12th October 2012

  4. Mobile National Days Prague 2012

    European Congresses for Mobile Trends and Facts

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Prague

    11th October 2012

  5. BubbleConf 2012

    A conference for today's tech startups on design, development and experience sharing. Cheeky name included. Come join us on October 12th 2012 in the renowned Tuschinski Theater.

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    12th October 2012

  6. Design by Fire 2012

    The breeding ground for interaction design

    United States United States, San Francisco

    12th October 2012

  7. UserConf 2012

    The conference about keeping your customers (happy).

    United States United States, San Francisco

    12th October 2012

  8. Accessibility Camp DC 2012

    Making the web, software, and mobile applications accessible to all.

    United States United States, Washington

    13th October 2012

  9. National Design Week

    Celebrating the ways in which design enriches everyday life

    United States United States, New York

    13th21st October 2012