IATV Radio Conference Guide for the week: September 03 - September 10, 2012

@Jan Jursa by Jan Jursa

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  1. i-KNOW 2012

    12th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies

    Austria Austria, Graz

    5th7th September 2012

  2. Swipe Conference 2012

    The Australian conference for the people who create iOS and Mac apps

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    5th7th September 2012

  3. AIGA Nebraska: Integrate

    An event that brings together designers and developers to talk about the workflow of creating successful web and interactive campaigns.

    United States United States, Omaha

    6th September 2012

  4. Birmingham Geeks Drinkup

    Social drinks with Birmingham Geeks!

    England England, Birmingham

    6th September 2012

  5. Brighton SF

    An hour and a half of chat and readings from leading SF authors

    England England, Brighton

    6th September 2012

  6. Frontend Conference Zurich 2012

    Two days of inspiring talks on front-end and UX technologies.

    Switzerland Switzerland, Zurich

    6th7th September 2012

  7. State Of The Map 2012

    The 6th Annual International OpenStreetMap Conference

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    6th8th September 2012

  8. Canvas

    A single day developer conference focused on building the next generation of the web. Learn about new front-end technologies and techniques you can use to build awesome websites.

    England England, Birmingham

    7th September 2012

  9. dConstruct 2012

    Playing With The Future

    England England, Brighton

    7th September 2012

  10. Leancamp Cologne

    Trade practical tips with Lean, Agile, Design and Disruption-led startups

    Germany Germany, Cologne

    8th September 2012

  11. TEDxCanberra 2012

    An Optimistic Challenge

    Australia Australia, Canberra

    8th September 2012