Liquid Learning events

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Liquid Learning provides business leaders with the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences with regard to performance improvement across a variety of functional areas. These professionals convene to collectively consider solutions to problems and respond to the pressures created by the changing business environment. This process allows participants to consider previously unseen alternatives, refine their approach and commit to actions that will enhance their performance to better serve clients and stakeholders.

  1. The 6th Annual Indigenous Career Development and Mentoring Conference 2012

    Refocusing Strategies for the Future: Achieving Greater Impact and Success in Recruitment, Development and Retention of the Indigenous Workforce

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    13th15th November 2012

  2. The National Higher Education Faculty Marketing Conference 2012

    Developing and Implementing Marketing Strategies that Succeed in the Unique and Evolving Operating Environment of Higher Education Faculties

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    20th21st November 2012

  3. The 3rd Annual National Leadership Psychology Conference 2013

    Applying the Tools of Evidence-Based Leadership Development and Psychology to Develop Resilient Leaders that Positively Influence Culture and Organisational Effectiveness

    Australia Australia, Melbourne Central

    19th22nd February 2013

  4. Communicating Complex Information to Stakeholders Conference 2013

    Developing and Implementing Communication and New Media Strategies within Technical, Scientific, Research or Complex Business Environments

    Australia Australia, Melbourne

    19th21st February 2013

  5. The 4th Annual National Public Sector Legal Officers’ Forum 2013

    Effective Strategies and Working Models to Enhance Legal Officers’ Performance and Efficiency within a Dynamic Public Sector Environment

    Australia Australia, Canberra City Centre

    5th6th March 2013

  6. CommPsych 2013 Forum

    Developing a Deeper Understanding of Audience Media Use, Decision Making and Behaviour to Create and Implement Effective and Engaging Communication Strategies

    Australia Australia, Sydney Central

    12th13th March 2013

  7. Enterprise Learning Innovation Summit 2013

    Translating Learning to Business Value: Flexible Strategies to Integrate New Learning Innovations and Strategies within an Enterprise Performance Framework

    Australia Australia, Sydney Central

    19th20th March 2013

  8. Coaching, Mentoring and Skills Transfer Conference 2013

    Applying Coaching, Mentoring and Social Learning Strategies for Measurable Leadership and Talent Development Outcomes

    New Zealand New Zealand, Auckland

    19th20th March 2013

  9. The National Enterprise Asset Management Conference 2013

    Strategically Integrating Asset Management Processes across an Enterprise to Reduce Lifecycle Costs, Improve Asset Use and Achieve Organisational Objectives

    Australia Australia, Melbourne Central

    20th21st March 2013

  10. The 9th Annual National Public Sector Executive Assistant Summit 2013

    Adding Value and Enhancing Your Personal and Professional Effectiveness as a Career Driven EA / PA in a Changing Environment

    Australia Australia, Canberra City Centre

    9th10th April 2013

  11. The 2nd Annual Higher Education Executive Assistant Summit 2013

    Developing your potential and adding value to an evolving and dynamic Higher Education sector by boosting efficiency, developing existing skills and effectively managing client relationships

    Australia Australia, Sydney Central

    9th10th April 2013