Curators of 'The Multipack'

Anthony Williams (added 67 events)

Geek. Dad. Code Wrangler. Black Belt Karateka. Mini-Conf and Meetup Organiser. Amateur podcaster. Sarcastic SOB. Overall Nice guy.

Matt Machell (added 3 events)

Man of many talents: dad, front-end web guy, writer, interface and indie game designer. Likes Lego and craft beer. Tabletop games at http://realms.co.uk

Trevor Morris (added no events)

A movie-loving, bike-riding web developer from the Midlands, UK. Currently freelancing @madebysurface

The Multipack (added 15 events)

Monthly social web-based discussions and meetings in the West Midlands

Daniel Newns (added no events)

Web developer, runner, tinkerer. director and Senior Developer at http://www.jump24.co.uk , Head of Web at http://getpatina.com

Gareth Brown (added no events)

Passionate thinker & user centric designer. Currently helping British Gas improve its digital experience. Formerly founding partner of @oneblackbear.

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The Multipack

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