Natalie's best events of 2011

@Natalie Downe by Natalie Downe

These are the the events that mattered the most to me in 2011

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    This was the first conference we attended after launching Lanyrd (we had been travelling) - it was great to test some theories and do some user interviews.

    The conference itself was also interesting, some of the sessions were a bit beyond my understanding of 'big data' but it was thoughoughly enjoyable none-the-less.

    There were some fabulous corridor conversations too, and an unofficial 'big data' after party in Rainbow Mansions hosted by Shevek where favourite algorithms were discussed and demonstrated on a whiteboard, and someone made me my first 'Old Fashioned' cocktail.

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    This was fab! A great crowd and some interesting sessions. We were living in Mountain View doing YCombinator (W2011) at the time so it was just down the road, it was also nice to meet people who lived and worked nearby. Simons Zepplin talk rocked, of course :)

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    This was epic!

    I had never been to SXSW having had a startup before, the emotional rollercoaster gets condensed! We barely slept at all!

  4. Pub Standards LXV

    The infamous beer-infused, casual, social, warm, raucous, fine, dandy, monthly London meet-up for web folk.

    England England, London

    14th April 2011

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    Our homecoming to England. After travelling round Europe and North Africa, building Lanyrd, travelling round South Africa and then moving to Mountain View USA for the three months of YCombinator, this was when we saw a lot of our friends from home again.

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    This was quite something for us, we were one of about 30 companies looking to recruit. As we were looking for our first employees we were the smallest company there!

    There was a good buzz of people and it was fab to chat to some of the other startups about recruiting.

  6. OpenTech 2011

    an informal, low cost, one-day conference on slightly different approaches to technology, politics and travel

    England England, London

    21st May 2011

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    Always a good event, it's predecessor (2005) was the first conference I attended.

  7. Foo Camp 2011

    The Camp for Friends Of O'Reilly

    United States United States, Sebastopol

    10th12th June 2011

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    This was my first foo camp, it was really incredible. So much information was crammed into my head over a lovely weekend camping with smart people

  8. Interesting 2011

    Less yammering, more hammering.

    England England, London

    18th June 2011

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    I wish I had gone this year, I couldn't make it unfortunately. I've been before and it was amazing, that's why it is on this list.

  9. The Miraculous Egg

    A simple egg is a marvellous thing.

    England England, City of Westminster

    13th July 2011

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    Unbelievably brilliant! The science of eggs!

  10. Encampment London

    An unconference for event professionals, volunteers, and aspiring organisers

    England England, London

    20th August 2011

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    This was a really interesting event for event organisers, some revealing discussions and a good group of people.

  11. MOO Summer Party 2011

    This September MOO turns 5, and we'd love you to join us for our joint Summer Party and birthday celebration!

    England England, London

    1st September 2011

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    A big party full of lovely people, face painting, moo stickers, wine, cupcakes and burritos.

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    Another homecoming style event for us at Lanyrd, we launched a year ago at dConstruct 2010 whilst we were in Casablanca, Morocco. A suitably 'thinky' event, definately brain food.

  13. Update 2011

    The Human Touch: iOS and beyond – A conference to celebrate user experience design and development excellence in apps.

    England England, Brighton

    5th September 2011

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    A true spectacle of event! Only 5 mins in and there had been a musical number and the host's death scene. It was also a good mobile & UX event, of special interest to us at the time as we were entering into the new-to-us world of mobile design and development with an iOS app.

  14. Over the Air 2011

    36 Hours of Mobile Development (and including "Ignite Bletchley Park")

    England England, Bletchley

    30th September to 1st October 2011

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    How could a tech event at Bletchley park not be awesome! It was quite humbling to be arround remnants of some of the greatest inventions in Computer Science whilst discussing and hacking on projects that wouldn't be possible without the people who worked at Bletchley Park. Sophie came too and was happily learning python cryptography at about 3am.

  15. Web Directions South 2011

    The Australian Web Industry Conference

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    11th14th October 2011

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    Simon and I gave a talk about Lanyrd, it was my first speaking gig for quite some time and we also launched our iPhone app the day before our talk (to coincide with the iOS5 launch) this was quite a tricky juggling act!

    The event had a great vibe to it and there were some fascinating and varied sessions as well as a good amount of corridor conversation.

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    Barcamp London is always a classic. Bubbling over with energy and interesting & very diverse sessions. Being over Halloween this year and the theme it produced was a happy extra!

  17. Tomorrow's World

    An evening of 10min talks about the near-future of software, culture, networks and things curated by BERG

    England England, London

    9th November 2011

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    An off the wall event that delivered fascinating bite sized nuggets of intrigue and awoke bits of the brain that led to further 'thinky' conversations.

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    I had forgotten how much I had missed volunteering at events and Full Frontal in particular. For me this was the perfect conference this year, good mix of talks - funny and informative, interesting conversation in the corridors and the most welcoming host and hostess in Remy and Julie. A particularly special event this year.

  19. Boring 2011

    Another boring conference.

    England England, London

    19th November 2011

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    Delightful in it's absurdity! Similar to 'interesting' but a quirky slant on it, such a lot of fun.

  20. Uncaged Monkeys

    A night celebrating the science of Life the Universe and the African Orchid Beetle (time permitting)

    England England, London

    14th December 2011

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    If you get chance to go to this event _do_! Brilliant.