Curators of 'Open Development'

Rolf Kleef (added 198 events)

Internet trailblazer. Weaving the web to help humanity. Implementing open data, open organisations and online collaboration in civil society.

Alby Barber (added no events)

Web Engineer @lanyrd

Sarah Johns (added 3 events)

Transparency, IATI and open data for development at Bond UK

Simon Colmer (added 2 events)

Passionate and pragmatic advocate of using technology to drive social change.

Claudia Schwegmann (added 1 event)

Open Aid Data Activist, Board member OKFN DE, Evaluator. Passionate about aid transparency, dev coherence, open data, feedback processes, family and music.

Zara Rahman (added 1 event)

Feminist, writer, data nerd | podcasting @Collusion_ | tech culture, data, power, general geekery | Research tech&activism @engnroom, ex-@SchoolofData @OKFN

Sara-Jayne Terp (added 1 event)

Data scientist, improving development data access. Crisismapper. Geek. Cyclist. Human.

Hapee (added 1 event)

open source, development of people and software, webdeveloper, ict4d, drupal, linux, ubuntu, geek, amsterdam, groenlinks, opendata, accountability&transparency

Matthew Smith (added no events)

Leading Thinker in Open Development, Senior Program Officer at IDRC

Michael Christopher (added no events)

International development, ICT4D, mHealth, Knowledge Management

mark herringer (added no events)

I'm interested in developing mobile applications that use opendata and social business design.

Victor Miclovich (added no events)

Novus ordo seclorum

Daniel Dietrich (added no events)

digital rights enthusiast & open data, open government and transparency evangelist, aspiring trailblazer and humble world changer.

Steven Flower (added no events)

I just get on with it | worktime: @opendatacoop | sparetime: @mcrcoderdojo @salfordladsclub | Tweets are mine. Retweets are not | I'm not a florist

Paul Roeland (added no events)

open source, non-profit tech activist. Cat whisperer.

pelleaardema (added no events)

open development, online collaboration & online communities for non profits, #opendata, @open_for_change, @nabuur

Prefontaine (added no events)

instigator, strategist, designer, and lover of things open, participatory, and delicious

Pernilla N Östmar (added no events)

Digital power to non-profits through @TechSoup_se. Believes collaboration and passion can change the world. Likes sharing, caring, things social, simple & open.

rockforlight (added no events)

writer | editor | researcher

J. Albert Bowden II (added no events)

standardista, fronteer, pottymouthed, lame-oh.the web is the platform.open web supporter.Open Source....or Die

Open Development

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