Skepticism Conventions Guide

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Skeptics gather to discuss critical thinking, irrationality, science, pseudo-science and the paranormal and their effect on society. This guide lists conferences, unconferences, symposia, workshops and other multiple speaker events that cover skeptical topics in whole or in part.

In the US many of these events are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Center for Inquiry / Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CFI/CSI), Secular Student Alliance (SSA) or Skeptics Society / Skeptic Magazine. In Europe many are sponsored or co-sponsored by ECSO, the European Council of Skeptic Organizations or one of its member organizations.

  1. denkfest 2017

    Reformations of Thinking

    Switzerland Switzerland, Zurich

    2nd5th November 2017

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    Zurich science/critical thinking event

  2. Skepticon 10

    Skepticon is a skeptic/freethinker/educational/awesome conference that is held annually in Springfield, MO.

    United States United States, Springfield

    10th12th November 2017

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    10th annual FREE skeptic/freethought conference in Springfield, Missouri.

  3. Skepticon Australia 2017

    the Australian Skeptics 33rd National Convention

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    17th19th November 2017

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    33rd annual national convention for Australian Skeptics

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    4th Skepticamp event for Monterey, California