Curators of 'Skepticism Conventions Guide'

Tim Farley (added 482 events)

Focused on online misinformation, computer security & skepticism. Curates @WhatsTheHarm, @SkepticHistory and @SkepConGuide. Past Fellow for JREF.

Skeptic Conventions (added 1 event)

Conventions, workshops, symposia and unconferences of interest to scientific skeptics worldwide. (Curated by @krelnik - help wanted!)

Leon Korteweg (added 35 events)

Thou shalt show references for thy claim.

Nathan Miller (added 3 events)

Engineer who gets to work on some really nifty systems. Enjoys sci-fi, comics, illusions and being generally curious. Also operates @BeScholastical.

Lei Pinter (added 2 events)

Database geek, Guerrilla Skeptic

Susan Gerbic (added 1 event)

Skeptical Junkie - Fearless leader of the GSoW and Skeptic Action projects. CoFounder of Monterey County Skeptics.

Cory Albrecht (added no events)

A very boring yet skeptical computer geek. Even if you know who I work for, my tweets are mine alone. I will say what I want.

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