Skepticism Conventions Guide

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Skeptics gather to discuss critical thinking, irrationality, science, pseudo-science and the paranormal and their effect on society. This guide lists conferences, unconferences, symposia, workshops and other multiple speaker events that cover skeptical topics in whole or in part.

In the US many of these events are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Center for Inquiry / Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CFI/CSI), Secular Student Alliance (SSA) or Skeptics Society / Skeptic Magazine. In Europe many are sponsored or co-sponsored by ECSO, the European Council of Skeptic Organizations or one of its member organizations.

  1. SkepchickCon 2016 at Convergence

    SkepchickCon is the collection of science and critical thinking panels and activities that Skepchick hosts at CONvergence, a four-day science fiction and fantasy conference held every summer in the beautiful Minneapolis area.

    United States United States, Minneapolis

    30th June to 3rd July 2016

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    Science/skeptic track at Convergence sci-fi con in Minneapolis, sponsored by

  2. Skepticamp(ing)

    Skepticamp usually takes place in a bar on an afternoon. This will take place in a lovely house in the wooded mountains of Berkeley Springs, WV.

    United States United States, Berkeley Springs

    26th30th June 2016

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    Multi-day Skepticamp / retreat organized on the SGU Forum.

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    2nd Reason Rally in Washington, DC

  4. Skeptical Thinking at Balticon 50

    Skeptic programming at Maryland's regional science fiction convention by the National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS)

    United States United States, Baltimore

    27th30th May 2016

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    Skeptics track of programming at Balticon, one of the older science fiction conventions.

  5. Imagine No Religion 6

    INR6 features an international cast of renowned speakers in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    20th22nd May 2016

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    6th annual event in British Columbia for skeptics, atheists and humanists.

  6. SkeptiCal 2016

    SkeptiCal is the Northern California conference of science and skepticism, a day-long event with speakers, panels, and discussions on a wide array of subjects.

    United States United States, Oakland

    15th May 2016

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    7th annual skeptic conference for northern California

  7. Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS)

    NECSS explores the intersection of science, skepticism, the media, and society for the purpose of promoting a more rational world.

    United States United States, New York

    12th15th May 2016

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    8th annual event sponsored by New York City Skeptics, the SGU Podcast and the Society for Science-Based Medicine.

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    Annual convention for GWUP, Germany's national skeptic organization.

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    6th annual event for umbrella group of Orange County, California skeptic, atheist, humanist and freethought groups.

  11. Rationalist International Conference

    An unparalleled opportunity to listen some of the most brilliant minds of our times. Rationalists, Freethinkers, Skeptics, Humanists, Atheists and Secularists come together.

    Estonia Estonia, Tallinn

    23rd24th April 2016

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    Sponsored by Rationalist International (Sanal Edamaruku).

  12. Freethought Festival 5

    One of the largest free, student-run atheist conferences in the country

    United States United States, Madison

    8th9th April 2016

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    Atheist/freethought convention at UW Madison which has multiple skepticism guests this year.

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  14. Edinburgh International Science Festival

    Join us from 26 March–10 April as we venture forth to explore possible brave new worlds and science, technology, engineering and design’s ability to help improve our lives.

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    26th March to 10th April 2016

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    Once again the Edinburgh Skeptics sponsoring a track of sessions weekday evenings at The Banshee Labyrinth.

  15. ThinkCon 2016

    An afternoon of talks from some of the best science speakers across the UK to get you thinking.

    England England, Cambridge

    19th March 2016

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    One-day free event arranged by the group that does Cambridge Skeptics in the Pub, in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival.

  16. Surfcoast Summer Skepticamp V

    For the fifth year in a row, Australia's favourite low-key, grassroots skeptical event will run at the Aireys Inlet Community Hall on Saturday 27 February 2016.

    Australia Australia, Aireys Inlet

    27th February 2016

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    5th annual Skepticamp for skeptics in Victoria, Australia.

  17. Darwin Day 2016, Austin, Texas

    Center for Inquiry - Austin will present a FREE event to celebrate the 207th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. There will be something for everyone...

    United States United States, Austin

    13th February 2016

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    CFI's free Darwin Day event in Austin, Texas

  18. Darwin Day (Palm Beach State)

    Celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday with us! Open to all students and the general public.

    United States United States, Boca Raton

    9th February 2016

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    Ft. Lauderdale chapter of CFI again sponsoring a day-long Darwin Day

  19. Darwin on the Palouse

    Darwin on the Palouse, a free event to celebrate humanity, science and rational thought, is held annually in Moscow Idaho and Pullman Washington.

    United States United States, Pullman

    6th February 2016

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    Darwin Day celebration on Moscow Idaho and Pullman Washington.

  20. Darwin Day Tampa, Florida

    A Celebration of Science and Reason

    United States United States, Clearwater

    6th February 2016

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    Presented by the Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason