Web Development related events in Finland

@Daniel Schildt by Daniel Schildt

  1. Frozen Rails 2010

    The first international Rails conference in Finland.

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    7th May 2010

  2. Frozen Rails 2011

    Because Europe deserves a great Rails conference.

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    20th21st September 2011

  3. PyCon Finland 2011

    The Python infused conference of Finland

    Finland Finland, Turku

    17th18th October 2011

  4. Webshaped

    Finland's only frontend conference, coming in May 2012, Helsinki. Our goal is to make the biggest frontend conference in Finland yet.

    Finland Finland, Wanha Satama

    16th May 2012

  5. Open Knowledge Festival

    Open Government Data Camp and Open Knowledge Conference are joining to form a week-long celebration!

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    17th22nd September 2012

  6. HTML 5 Web Application Programming

    Lectures for the future developer stars

    Finland Finland, Jyvaskyla

    4th October to 23rd November 2012

  7. treweb 2012 | 2

    The bi-annual Tampere web geek meetup – presentations, networking, beer!

    Finland Finland, Tampere

    10th November 2012

  8. FINHTML5 warm-up vol. 2

    FINHTML5 bootstraps Finland as the leading global HTML5 application production cluster for the emerging ubiquitous computing era

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    13th December 2012

  9. Webshaped 2013

    Finland's only frontend conference bringing together design and development.

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    23rd May 2013