Curators of 'Where is Mozilla?'

Janet Swisher (added 63 events)

Mozilla community manager for developer documentation. Superpower: taking things literally

Dan Callahan (added no events)

Free Culture / Free Software believer, cave diver, typography nerd. Mozillian.

Sandra Persing (added no events)

Building a better connected world

havi hoffman (added no events)

language lover, social capitalist, content strategist, hacker at heart. this is my personal twitter. pls tweet @mozhacks or @moztechspeakers for @mozilla things

/'supərsolɛ/ ㋛ (added 4 events)

Devevangineer at Mozilla. Building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript; breaking half the browsers in the process. It's fun!

Kaustav Das Modak (added 4 events)

Developer at ThoughtWorks. Open-source enthusiast

Nick Desaulniers␀ (added no events)
potch (added no events)

Developer Relations at Mozilla. Not really a giraffe.

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Where is Mozilla?

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