Some events that look splendid, some self-serving

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A list of events you should go to if you're interested in the awesomesauce that developers like.

  1. UKGovcamp 2012

    The unconference for people with an interest in how the public sector uses technology

    England England, London

    20th21st January 2012

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    check out all these people making UK government services not rubbish. a rampant bag of win. Civil service doesn't mean poor service provision- this conference will explain why and how and who.

  2. RedMonk Brew London: The Monki Gras

    The developer conference about social, tech and beer

    England England, London

    1st2nd February 2012

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    the best craft beers, with blind-tasting, and amazing speakers talking to how Social is changing Dev, Ops and Data Science. At the conway hall. perfect. this is incredibly self-serving, because This Is My Jam, but I really think I have curated an awesome show, and you should come. We have the founders of Joyent and Nitobi (the phonegap project), some great data stuff from Matt Biddulph and Matt LeMay at Bitly. And uh Greg Avola, founder of untappd, the beer check in network. And a host of other great speakers.

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    *the* event for data hounds