Frequently asked questions


Who is behind Lanyrd.com?

Lanyrd is handmade by Natalie Downe, Simon Willison, Tom Insam, Andrew Godwin, Dan Shallcross and Alby Barber.

What kind of events can I add?

Any professional or hobbyist event. Most events on Lanyrd have at least one speaker, but professional networking events are appropriate as well. You can add conferences, workshops, unconferences, evening events with talks, conventions, trade shows and so forth. The site is geared towards knowledge sharing events with sessions and participants of some sort.

How do you pronounce "Lanyrd"?

We pronounce it "Lanyard" (or "Lanyerd with a British accent!) — it's named after the thing you wear around your neck at some events.

Can I get a high quality version of your logo to use in publication or presentation

Of course you can! The square Lanyrd logo is available as a layered Adobe Fireworks file or a layered Adobe Photoshop file or a super large layered Adobe Fireworks file.

The transparent Lanyrd.com text logo can be downloaded as a a .png file or an .eps (encapsulated post-script) file.

Please also note that in publications Lanyrd appears capitalised and not as Lanyrd.com, please also include the url http://lanyrd.com/

Our main font is Helvetica Neue.

For more information about us, please see the Lanyrd Press Pack or get in touch at press@lanyrd.com

Can I export my events as iCal or into my Google calendar?

Yes indeed! If you are logged in, you can find the link to your own personal iCal file on your dashboard at the bottom right of the page.

Events, topics, places and topics-in-place pages all sport iCalendar feeds. These should work with iCal on the Mac, Outlook on Windows, Mozilla Sunbird and other calendaring applications. Click the "Subscribe in iCal / Outlook" link to subscribe to the feed — any changes on Lanyrd will then be reflected in your calendar. If you just want to grab a copy of the current set of events you can use the "Save to iCal / Outlook" link instead.

For more detailed instructions on subscribing to ical from Lanyrd, take a look at our dedicated ical help page.

How do I add a book I've written?

You can add books using the add a book interface. Once you've added a book, you can edit the book's authors to link to their Lanyrd profile pages. You can also add contributors to a book, such as technical reviewers or foreword writers. This book will then appear on the profile pages of those involved.

Can I arrange my events in a series?

If your event is part of a regular series (an annual conference for example) you can create a series linking all of your events together. An event can only be a member of a single series though. If you want to create a collection of events for any other reason, or you need to represent your events in more than one sequence, you should take a look at our guides feature instead.

I've added a duplicate of another event! What should I do?

Contact us at support@lanyrd.com and we'll sort it out for you, or use the "Report an issue" link at the bottom of the event page.

What does "tracking" an event do?

Tracking lets you show interest in an event without committing to attend it. Maybe you haven't bought your ticket yet, or perhaps you won't be able to make it there but you'd like to keep an eye on what is happening. Events you are tracking (as well as those you are attending) appear on your calendar and will help to suggest events to people who follow you.

How can I add sessions, slides and videos?

Read our blog entry for details on how to add talks and sessions to your event or to your speaker profile. If you want a fancy tag cloud on your profile page of subjects you speak about, make sure you add topics to your sessions.

You can add slides, videos, audio files and more to your sessions (or sessions given by other people) using the coverage form, available on each session page for logged in users. You can read more about that on our blog.

I want more recommendations! I don't have that many friends using Lanyrd yet

We have a super powerful search which lets you filter based on topic, year, place, person speaking and all sorts of other lovely things.

You can also get recommendations by tracking guides or individual topics.

Can I change my profile information or opt out entirely?

You can provide a custom profile photo or edit your name and description for Lanyrd by editing your profile. Adding a hi-res photos to your profile is an especially good idea if you are a frequent speaker, as you can then direct event organisers to consult your Lanyrd profile when they need a photograph for the official event publications..

If you really want to you can opt out of Lanyrd - just email support@lanyrd.com to let us know and we'll delete your profile page.

If you would just rather your profile page was removed from search engine listings, that's a nice easy fix. Go to the edit profile page and check the box next to "Hide your profile page from Google and other search engines". This will hide your profile page from appearing in search engines, though it may be a few days for it to take effect.

What about other languages?

Feel free to add any event regardless of the spoken language it will be in.

I've noticed anyone can edit an event and add and remove speakers — is that really a good idea?

Lanyrd works a bit like Wikipedia — we keep track of all changes made to an event (we don't yet expose that information in the UI) and any vandalism can be quickly reverted.

Why should I claim my event?

Claiming your event unlocks a host of useful new features, see our blog post about claims for more details.

I still have questions, how do I contact you?

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to talk to you! please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.