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Guides are curated collections of events. You can track guides created by other people to add those events to your calendar, or create your own guide to showcase events that you are excited about.

Tracking guides

You can track a guide using the Track button on the guide page. Events from guides you are tracking are included in the suggested events in your calendar.

Creating a Guide

There are two ways to create a guide. You can sign in and visit this page and add your guide directly, or you can start on an event page and use the Create new guide option in the Add to guide menu.

Curators and admins

Anyone can see a guide you have created, but you can control who can edit or add new events to it.

Curators are people who can add or remove events from a guide. Some curators are also admins - they can edit the title and description of the guide, and promote and demote other curators to admin level. If you create a guide you will automatically be both a curator and an admin.

If you pick the anyone who joins the guide option, other users will be able to join your guide and act as curators.


Curators can add an annotation to an event in a guide. You can use annotations to express your opinion or provide extra context as to why you chose to include an event. Each curator can add only one annotation per event.

Example annotation

Embedding guides

Once you have created a guide you can embed it on your own website. Visit the "Embed" tool from your guide for more information.

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