Sylvain Abélard

Problem solver @faveod & @parisrb

Sylvain Abélard is a problem solver at Faveod. He mostly uses Ruby, Rails and asking questions to help people. He's ... See full bio

Paris in France

Spoken at 3 events in 3 countries

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  1. Paris Web 2017

    France France, Paris

    5th7th October 2017

    Sylvain Abélard spoke

  2. dotRB 2013

    France France, Paris

    18th October 2013

    Sylvain Abélard attended

  3. ArrrrCamp 7

    Belgium Belgium, Ghent

    3rd4th October 2013

    Sylvain Abélard spoke

  4. Paris.rb

    France France, Paris

    4th June 2013

    Sylvain Abélard was involved

  5. BACON 2013

    England England, London

    12th13th April 2013

    Sylvain Abélard spoke

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