Alex Borysov

Large Scale Software Engineer, Test-Driven Developer.

Software engineer / technical leader with solid experience in large scale software development. Passionate about software development process and technologies. ... See full bio

Mountain View in United States

Spoken at 5 events in 3 countries

Alex Borysov recently attended

  1. JavaDay Ukraine 2017

    Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev

    3rd5th November 2017

    Alex Borysov spoke

  2. JDK IO 2017

    Denmark Denmark, Copenhagen

    19th20th June 2017

    Alex Borysov spoke

  3. JEEConf 2017

    Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev

    26th27th May 2017

    Alex Borysov spoke

  4. Devoxx France 2017

    France France, Paris

    5th7th April 2017

    Alex Borysov spoke

  5. Devoxx US 2017

    United States United States, San Jose

    21st23rd March 2017

    Alex Borysov attended

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