Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

Brighton in England

Spoken at 124 events in 23 countries

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Jen Simmons

Web designer. Host and executive producer of The Web Ahead.

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Tiffany Duening

Community Director at @Virb. Loves grammar, chocolate, and anything striped. Able to reach things on high shelves.

Lizzie Hodgson

#Digital & #tech. Ex-Gov comms. Bonkers about collision of #innovation #opensource #arts & #diversity. Run @digibury & #digiburyweekender. Launching @ThinkNat bio from Twitter

Ellen de Vries

Content strategist by day, experimental performance arts maker by night. Founder of The Copy House:

Anna Carlson

Social business consultant at NixonMcInnes. Innovation & change management in a digitally disrupted world. Lover of beautiful interiors, kind to small creatures bio from Twitter


I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that bio from Twitter

Jacqueline C

Engineer turned STEM Educator & Consultant. Founder of @CuriosityHub.

Andy Dennis

I mostly help people design digital things. Often near glowing rectangles. Sometimes near the sea. bio from Twitter

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James Madson

Lead Designer @orcasinc & @jauntly / Co-Founder of @treadhub / Trail Runner bio from Twitter

Yesenia Perez-Cruz

Boricua. Designer @IntuitiveCo. Lipstick connoisseur. The Y sounds like a J.

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Allison Wagner

@happycog developer // @gdiphilly instructor // @StandardsSherpa writer bio from Twitter

Chris Coyier

Designer @CodePen. Writer @real_css_tricks. Podcaster @ShopTalkShow. Lead Hucklebucker. bio from Twitter

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Dave Rupert

Lead developer for @paravelinc, co-host of @shoptalkshow and @atxwebshow, ❤ @jessrupe, breakfast tacos. (日本語OK) bio from Twitter

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Charlotte Jackson

Front-end dev @Clearleft. @DMBrightonUni grad. Lover of mountains. Sunset chaser. into climbing & running. bio from Twitter

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Artist - Living in Brighton, amongst the freaks and the geeks, finding myself somewhere betwixt the two and making art about it. bio from Twitter

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Working in software industry. Visual designer who loves make the web sexier. currently working @HitFoxGroup and part of the @fromthefront team bio from Twitter

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Kerning 2015

Italy Italy, Faenza

3rd5th June 2015

Rosa Emerald Fox

Interested in web development, computer music, classical guitar, loving life - co-organiser @CodebarBrighton

Kevin Meredith

I take lots of photos and then write about taking photos, sometimes using more than a 140 characters! bio from Twitter

Arelia Jones

Project manager at Aristotle Interactive. Aspiring design/developer. Marketing and communications background. Loves travel, speaking Spanish, taking pictures. bio from Twitter