Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

Brighton in England

Spoken at 150 events in 25 countries

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Harry Roberts

Consultant Front-end Architect • Writer • Speaker • Previously Senior Developer at BSkyB • I wrote @cssguidelines

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Austria Austria, Vienna

11th12th May 2017

Benjamin Parry

Father. Front-end Web Developer. Nature lover. Comic and Sci-Fi reader.

Gina Trapani

Creator of ThinkUp and Todo.txt apps. Co-host of This Week in Google. Founding editor of Lifehacker.

Val Head

Author of Designing Interface Animation 📕 Curates cofounder: bio from Twitter

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Alis Pie

I organise things and make stuff happen bio from Twitter

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We design delightful digital experiences. bio from Twitter

Amber Wilson

26, British, and a bit more. Lived in UK, NZ, DE, NL, ES, PL, UK, in that order. Love photos, people, psychology, piano, language, design, autumn days etc. bio from Twitter

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Friend of Tom. Restless shaper. Teach at @svaIxD. bio from Twitter


Biomedical Engineer: information theory, complexity, math, microbiology, food; Entertainment industry: manager, producer, publisher bio from Twitter

Seren D

Girly geek. Dyslexic. Icon Font slayer. Trainee Developer @incuna Nail art blogger- All opinions are my own :) bio from Twitter

Laura Elizabeth

UI/UX designer based in the UK. I work with developers to make their websites look as good as the code behind them. bio from Twitter

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Krystal Higgins

I like connecting the dots. I'm a mobile user experience designer with hybrid visual and interaction design skills. I also paint: bio from Twitter

Ire Aderinokun

UI Designer and Front-End Developer / Tech for @bigcabal, publishers of @techcabal and @zikokomag / Blog at bio from Twitter

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Austria Austria, Vienna

11th12th May 2017

Tomomi ❤ Imura

Open web & technology, cat hacks, and Internet of blings (that slightly more than LED blinks). Sr. Dev Advocate @Nexmo. Loves animals not as food.

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Una Kravets

Front End Developer @IBMDesign

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Ailin Hernández

Mexicana, IT Engineer & Frontend Developer @ trivago bio from Twitter

Ada Rose Edwards

Full Stack JS developer, wesite:

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jsDay 2017

Italy Italy, Verona

10th11th May 2017

Alicia Sedlock

User experience and front-end developer. Making the world a little more awesome.

Karolina Szczur

Designer, developer, speaker and writer.

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Sara Soueidan 🐦

Freelance front-end Web developer & speaker. CSS, SVG, UI/X, a11y, JS. Always learning. net Developer of the Year 2015. Available for hire. bio from Twitter

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