Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

Brighton in England

Spoken at 97 events in 21 countries

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Keir Whitaker

@shopify Designer Advocate, web dev, one half of @viewportind, blogger, publisher, co-host @backtfofrontshow, lover of fine coffee, cocktails and slow media. bio from Twitter

Andy Thornton

Digital Experience Designer. Lead UX Consultant at @POSSIBLE, London

Ant Miller

Dilettante Geek. Interested in rockets, web, post-broadcast, UAS, UX, hackery, archives & open-ness. Newly Clearleft person, but these are personal opinions. bio from Twitter

marc thiele

Designer, type lover & organizer of beyond tellerrand events. Hobby photographer. Loves playing, is always excited to learn new things.

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Aaron Parecki

CTO of @Esri R&D Center, Portland (formerly @geoloqi) Co-founder of @indiewebcamp bio from Twitter

Amber Case

Director, Esri R&D Center Portland. Cofounder #indieweb/@indiewebcamp, calm technology, cyborgs, comics, future of location and mobile. Frequent speaker.

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Craft Conf 2014

Hungary Hungary, Budapest

23rd25th April 2014

graham smith

Maker of ALL THE INTERNETS at @clearleft. bio from Twitter

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Sarah Angliss

Composer, automatist, historian of sound and the uncanny. Performs on theremin, saw, MaxMSP and robots. No beard. 1/3 Spacedog. Sounds: bio from Twitter

Jon Aizlewood

Designer at @Clearleft, @MailChimp expert, Dad of 2, Coffee-lover, Arsenal fan, Brit/Canadian. bio from Twitter

Dan W

Software Developer. Sort of. bio from Twitter

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Andy Parker

UX Designer at Clearleft, former Here There Be Monsters Guitarist, Gamer, Biker, Photographer, Part Chimp

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UX London 2014

England England, London

28th30th May 2014

Brewster Kahle

Digital Librarian bio from Twitter

Ashley Baxter

Company Director at Brokers Direct. I play video games, take pictures and lift heavy. bio from Twitter

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Tessa Harmon

Software developer @Skookum. Co-organizer of @cltfed. Interests include cars, guitars, nail polish, polka dots, and medium to large sized dogs. bio from Twitter

Rasika Krishna

music. globetrotting. ux. information architecture. consumer/cognitive psychology. design. digital pr bio from Twitter

Kyle Bean

Designer based in Brighton, UK. I enjoy making things and taking things apart bio from Twitter

A Book Apart

Brief books for people who make websites. bio from Twitter

Maciej Ceglowski

International Male bio from Twitter

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