Adam Tornhill

Adam Tornhill is a programmer, psychologist, Lisp hacker, author, and a fan of music and martial arts.

Spoken at 14 events in 9 countries

Adam Tornhill recently attended

  1. DevDays Vilnius 2017

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius County

    17th19th May 2017

    Adam Tornhill spoke

  2. Craft Conference 2017

    Hungary Hungary, Budapest

    25th28th April 2017

    Adam Tornhill spoke

  3. QCon London 2017

    England England, London

    6th10th March 2017

    Adam Tornhill spoke

  4. ❗🔝❗ DevTernity 2016

    Latvia Latvia, Riga

    1st2nd December 2016

    Adam Tornhill spoke

  5. GOTO Amsterdam 2016

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    13th16th June 2016

    Adam Tornhill spoke

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