Antun Debak

Experienced UX & UI Designer

Designer. Music promoter. Love design, traveling and hard tunes, as well as making and breaking stuff. Usually behind the scenes. See full bio

Grad Zagreb in Croatia

Antun Debak recently attended

  1. Offf 2016

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    26th28th May 2016

    Antun Debak attended

  2. UX Belgrade

    Serbia Serbia

    14th April 2016

    Antun Debak was involved Organizer

  3. beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    2nd4th November 2015

    Antun Debak attended

  4. UX Bucharest 2015

    Romania Romania, Bucharest

    15th17th October 2015

    Antun Debak attended

  5. WordCamp Croatia

    Croatia Croatia, Rijeka

    5th6th September 2015

    Antun Debak attended

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