Martin Kleppe

Mapper. Reducer. – Co-Founder of @Ubilabs, Organizer of @HHjs and @JSUnconf, Code-Golfing at aem1k.com

Martin is the organizer of HHJS, involved in JSUnconf and «Head of Development» at Ubilabs. His company develops applications based ... See full bio

Hamburg in Germany

Spoken at 34 events in 12 countries

Martin Kleppe recently attended

  1. JSConf EU 2017

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    6th7th May 2017

    Martin Kleppe attended

  2. HolyJS

    Russia Russia, Moscow

    11th December 2016

    Martin Kleppe spoke

  3. Frontend Union Conf 2016

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius

    27th August 2016

    Martin Kleppe spoke

  4. JSUnconf 2016

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    23rd24th April 2016

    Martin Kleppe was involved

  5. WhereCamp Berlin 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    26th27th November 2015

    Martin Kleppe spoke

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