Kai Koenig

Building web/app stuff from NZ w. CFML, JS, Golang, Kotlin & others. Husband of @blauerpunto. Also fly planes & play Nintendo 3DS (Friend code:4613-9999-2913)

I work as a Software Solutions Architect for Ventego Creative in Wellington, New Zealand. I co-founded the company with two ... See full bio

Wellington in New Zealand

Spoken at 44 events in 9 countries

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Siena Aguayo

Indiegogo software engineer (Rails, Angular, Android, iOS). Hackbright Academy alumna. 日本語。http://emojiparty.net

Kevin Pelgrims

Working on mobile for @LEOInnovation. Author of Gradle for Android. Part of @forwardapphq. Co-organizer and regular speaker @DroidDevsDK. bio from Twitter

iñaki villar

- waiting for device - bio from Twitter

Zarah Dominguez

Having a love/hate affair with the little green 'droid at @domaincomau; Google Developer Expert for Android; a walking contradiction

Barack Obama

This account is run by Organizing for Action staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo. bio from Twitter

Enrique López Mañas

Software Engineer & Android Google Developer Expert. I do things with computers.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ bio from Twitter

Tom King

Full Stack Web Developer in Oxford UK - CFML / CFWheels and a smattering of javascript

Ben Teese

Senior Developer at Shine Technologies bio from Twitter

Grant Shepert

ColdFusion, jQuery, Mura CMS, and more ColdFusion. Blue River Interactive Group EU (London) bio from Twitter

Skills Matter

UK's biggest community of coders & developers, bringing people togetherto discover, learn & adapt new skills and technologies. Moving to #CodeNode Aug '15 bio from Twitter

Kris Howard

American-Aussie geek, speaker, knitter, social media addict, and all-around Hermione.

Mike Gouline

Software engineer bio from Twitter

Lynne Cazaly

helping project teams make change happen - better collaboration, quicker


Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, bitches. President of @rubynewzealand. Making code do things at @flickelectricco. Cats, code, and feminism. bio from Twitter

Donald J. Trump

The official Twitter profile for Donald Trump www.youtube.com/trump www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump bio from Twitter

ʍɐɥs uuʎɹnɐ

Tech chick and gamergrrl, production engineer at Weta Digital. I am made of WIN! bio from Twitter

Charlie Bird

I'm a happy Boston Terrier who likes treats, chewing, walking, and sleeping. bio from Twitter

Samantha John

cofounder at Hopscotch, lover of running, reading and food- especially fruit. bio from Twitter

Kane Mar

★ Certified Scrum Trainer and organizational Agility Coach ★ Player of games ★ bio from Twitter