Ajey Gore

developer, family person, married to @shraddhagore, get-it-working being curious, get-it-right being ocd, nomad techie

Speaks about networking, virtualization, devops and automation, writes code in a language suited for the job, lately it has been ... See full bio

Pune in India

Spoken at 3 events in 1 country

Spoke at 3 past events

  1. Garden City RubyConf 2014

    India India, Bangalore

    3rd4th January 2014

    Ajey Gore spoke

  2. RubyConf India 2013

    India India, Pune

    22nd23rd June 2013

    Ajey Gore was involved Organizer spoke

  3. RubyConf India 2012

    India India, Pune

    24th25th March 2012

    Ajey Gore was involved spoke

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