Mike Robinson

Develops for Lift, parents at home, games occasionally, eats lots of sweet things.

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Julie Sharp

Co-director @leftlogic, co-organiser @ffconf, wife of @rem. Answers to mama. Available for freelance event work. bio from Twitter

Richard Davey

Full-time HTML5 Game Developer, Flixel fiend, Atari otaku, Retro Gaming Geek, Child of the 80s, cookie monster and CTO at Photon Storm. Bring it on. bio from Twitter

Matt Wilcox

Does HTML, CSS, Accessibility. Amateur Photographer. Music lover. bio from Twitter

Bill Bailey

keeper of the eternal flame, occasional bouzouki player bio from Twitter

Enrique Ramírez

I learn about HTML/CSS/JavaScript everyday. Sometimes I also try to organize information in a beautiful way (and often fail). bio from Twitter

Matt May

Accessibility Evangelist, Adobe. Co-author, Universal Design for Web Applications. Charmed, I'm sure. bio from Twitter

Jens Bergensten

Minecraft developer bio from Twitter

A List Apart

Since 1998, the design magazine for people who make websites. bio from Twitter

Peter West

Web developer at @whiteoctober. I like code, computer games and other things. bio from Twitter

James Turnbull

Leading the dev team at healthcare agency @incuna; co-creator of @gsightseeing and @fridaymix; appears on numerous twitter lists titled 'Scottish'. bio from Twitter

Ben Foxall

I like stuff. bio from Twitter

Kevin Carmody

Machines, media and miscellanea. bio from Twitter

Inayaili de León

Lead Web Designer at @Canonical. Love naps. bio from Twitter

Lee Munroe

Product Designer @Mail_Gun by @Rackspace. Designing experiences. Writing code. Shipping products. Northern Irish.

Ben Ward

Internet plumber. Founder of Love Hz

Drew McLellan

Lead developer on Perch CMS and publisher of @24ways. Occasional music and conference photographer. Relearning how to ride a bike.

Kyle Weems

Front End Developer & Humorist at @mindflystudio. Web standards cartoonist. Sciurus vulgaris. Opinions here are my own. bio from Twitter

Oxford Geeks

Geek stuff happening in Oxford. Organisers of Oxford Geek Nights bio from Twitter

David Storey

HTML Core, DOM: @Microsoft Edge Web Platform Team. SVG Co-Editor. Ex @Opera, @CERN, CSS WG. Veteran of the Browser Wars. Own opinions, etc. bio from Twitter

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