alberta soranzo

the small things, they matter a lot™. e2e service design director at @lbgdigi. lowercase intentional. usual disclaimers apply.

London in England

Spoken at 48 events in 15 countries

alberta soranzo recently attended

  1. IA Summit 2018

    United States United States, Chicago

    21st25th March 2018

    alberta soranzo was involved Curation Director

  2. UX.Live 2017

    England England, London

    26th27th October 2017

    alberta soranzo spoke

  3. Amuse UX Conference 2017

    Hungary Hungary, Budapest

    18th20th October 2017

    alberta soranzo spoke

  4. UX Australia 2017

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    8th11th August 2017

    alberta soranzo spoke

  5. UX Scotland 2017

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    7th9th June 2017

    alberta soranzo spoke

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