Alena Hall

Solutions Architect

Experienced Solutions Architect proficient in distributed cloud programming, high load and performance, big data analysis, data science, functional programming and ... See full bio

Portland in United States

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  1. .NET Fringe 2017

    United States United States, Portland

    4th6th June 2017

    Alena Hall was involved

  2. .NET Fringe 2016

    United States United States, Portland

    10th12th July 2016

    Alena Hall was involved spoke

  3. fsharpConf

    4th March 2016

    Alena Hall spoke

  4. QCon San Francisco 2015

    United States United States, San Francisco

    16th20th November 2015

    Alena Hall spoke

  5. .NET Unboxed

    United States United States, Dallas

    25th27th October 2015

    Alena Hall spoke

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