Alexey Buzdin

Developer / Trainer, GDG Riga organizer

Alexey is a passionate Backend / Mobile developer and Trainer that is into cross-platform mobile development. He always looks forward ... See full bio

Riga in Latvia

Spoken at 20 events in 8 countries

Alexey Buzdin recently attended

  1. DevFest Baltics 2017: Mobile Edition

    Latvia Latvia, Riga

    17th November 2017

    Alexey Buzdin was involved

  2. Riga Dev Days 2017

    Latvia Latvia, Riga

    15th17th May 2017

    Alexey Buzdin attended

  3. Mobius 2017

    Russia Russia, St. Petersburg

    21st22nd April 2017

    Alexey Buzdin spoke

  4. Vilnius JUG #55

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius

    18th April 2017

    Alexey Buzdin spoke

  5. GDG Daugavpils #1 Getting started with Information Tech

    Latvia Latvia, Daugavpils

    1st April 2017

    Alexey Buzdin spoke

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