Alex Hillman

❤️ @hocksncoqs. I want to share what I've learned building @indyhall to help people build better businesses and communities. #Coworking is my jam.

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  1. Life Time Value Conference

    England England, Brighton

    6th July 2016

    Alex Hillman spoke

  2. People At Work Summit

    21st22nd April 2016

    Alex Hillman was involved Tummler. Peoplewatcher. Placemaker. spoke

  3. Junto Retreat

    United States United States, Philadelphia

    26th27th September 2013

    Alex Hillman spoke

  4. BaconBizConf

    United States United States, Philadelphia

    30th31st May 2013

    Alex Hillman was involved

  5. Queen City Merge

    United States United States, Cincinnati

    10th11th May 2012

    Alex Hillman spoke

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