André Luís Anastácio

Developer at HE:labs

Piracicaba in Brazil

Spoken at 5 events in 1 country

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Jim Remsik

Listener / instigator / an adorb at @adorableio bio from Twitter

Robert Stuttaford

CTO at Cognician. Clojure enthusiast! bio from Twitter


Entrepreneur (and investor)

Andrzej Krzywda

Arkency CEO Ruby, Rails, React.js, Remote, snapchat: andrzejkrzywda bio from Twitter

Ryan Bigg

Award winning super hero published author (Rails 3 in Action). Avid cyclist and hiker. Community manager for Spree Commerce. Views are my own, etc. bio from Twitter

Michael Nygard

Cognitect, Inc. Author of Release It!, speaker bio from Twitter

Sean Griffin

Software developer for thoughtbot, inc. bio from Twitter

Bruno Rocha

web DevOp - Python, web2py - http://t.co/ZawmXE8m bio from Twitter

Zach Holman

currently: founder, @duringapp. previously: @github, @gild. advising: @gitlab, @dockbit. bio from Twitter

Igor Leroy

Desenvolvedor, curioso tecnológico, cruzeirense, andarilho, ex-vegetariano e astrônomo nos fins de semana. bio from Twitter

Phil Hagelberg

Quixotic hacker-errant and bumbling cyberneticist. bio from Twitter

Stuart Sierra

Programmer, Actor, Musician, Writer. Clojure developer at @thinkrelevance bio from Twitter

Alex Miller

Clojure, Java, JVM, concurrency, Strange Loop, Clojure/West, Lambda Jam, Lambda Lounge, nachos, beer, music

Carlos Villela

a 12-year-old with ADHD and Tourette's trapped in the body of a tech lead for ThoughtWorks Brazil. bio from Twitter

André Staltz

Unbrazilian guy building software in Finland, whose real lastname is Medeiros.

Chad Pytel

Co-founder and CEO of http://thoughtbot.com bio from Twitter

Matheus Marsiglio

UI Engineer, Co-organizer of FrontUX, best Nerf shooter of east and Padawan Speaker bio from Twitter

Mattias P Johansson

Developer @ Spotify bio from Twitter

Chris Seaton

PhD student in languages and parallelism. Oracle Labs VM Research Group. Developer of the first regulated medical phone app in the UK. Opinions are my own. bio from Twitter

Joshua Clayton

Developer at thoughtbot / Blueprint CSS contributor / Javascript enthusiast / all-around badass bio from Twitter