Andrew Fisher

CTO & Data Scientist (User Interaction), builder of smart things based on web, mobile, ubicomp and lots of data.

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Richard Snazell

Senior Front End Developer bio from LinkedIn

Cyril Ebersweiler

Visionary Punk bio from LinkedIn

Matt Pattison

Senior Researcher bio from LinkedIn

Jordan Lewis

Front End Developer at Envato bio from LinkedIn

James Pinkster

Helpdesk Administrator at Utilisoft PTY LTD bio from LinkedIn

Peter Mescalchin

Emitting code for the web. Lots of it, with that new car smell. Live and breathe Linux - Ubuntu tragic.

Zak Homuth

Passion & Hustle. Founder @Upverter. Electrical Engineer @Sandvine, @IBM, @Infosys.

Julien Viard

Team Manager - Digital Division | Rowben consulting

Lants / Atlanta Daniel

Internet Super Sleuth.

Nicola Dowe, PMP, CSM

Senior Project Manager bio from LinkedIn

Martin Spindler

Consultant, Speaker and Writer on Internet of Things and Smart Energy bio from LinkedIn

Alec Clews

Old school software geek and wannabe Gen-Y kid

Jonathan Oxer

Cyborg-in-progress, programmer, hardware hacker, random tinkerer, writer

Yuan Wang

Creative Director at Yump bio from LinkedIn

Peter Bell

CTO @Wheelhouseio - scalable, personal training for enterprise software development teams. Cofounder @CTOSchool & @ctosummit. Adjunct @columbia_biz

Ben Flanagan

Web Developer at National Australia Bank bio from LinkedIn


Love internet long time. Blogging without a tag-line since 1998 - thejamjar.com

Julian Duque

Developer by Passion

Mark Dalgleish

🦄 CSS Modules co-creator, @MelbJS organiser. Full-stack ECMAScript addict, interaction design enthusiast, coffee drinker ☕ DesignOps Lead at @seekjobs 🍦🇦🇺✌️ bio from Twitter

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