Andrew Grill

Global Managing Partner @IBM Social Consulting. Former Kred CEO. 100% digital. Husband & Dad, TEDx & Keynote Speaker. Blog @ http://londoncalling.co Views own.

Since 1999, Andrew has been speaking professionally to audiences large and small in Australia, Asia, Europe, the UK and the ... See full bio

London in England

Spoken at 15 events in 4 countries

Andrew Grill recently attended

  1. LEAP Summit

    Croatia Croatia, Zagreb

    5th7th May 2016

    Andrew Grill spoke

  2. SXSE London 2014

    England England, London

    24th November 2014

    Andrew Grill spoke

  3. The Digital Marketing Show

    England England, London

    19th20th November 2014

    Andrew Grill spoke

  4. Discover Sourcing

    England England, London

    17th18th September 2013

    Andrew Grill spoke

  5. MobileTech Conference 2013 (Spring Edition)

    Germany Germany, Munich

    11th14th March 2013

    Andrew Grill spoke

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