Andy Hume

Engineering at Brandwatch. Formerly Twitter, Guardian, Clearleft, Microsoft, Multimap.

Brighton in England

Spoken at 29 events in 8 countries

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Nora Jones

Not a singer. Senior Software Engineer @netflix working on Chaos Engineering. Formerly @jet. The armies of chaos are coming; prepare your defenses. bio from Twitter

amy nguyen

monitoring/infra @pinterest | intersectional feminism, tech, writing, philosophy, vegetarianism, and cats. she/her! bio from Twitter

Justin Cormack

Open source, cloud, LinuxKit, NetBSD, unikernels, work @docker bio from Twitter

Anna Filina

Project rescue expert, @confooca organizer, speaker, developer. bio from Twitter

Sandeep Dinesh

Developer and Advocate @ Google Cloud Platform, Car Enthusiast, Gamer, Gym Rat, Entrepreneur

Francesc Campoy

Developer Advocate at Google - working on Go and the Cloud

Bret McGowen

Google Developer Advocate in NYC. @GoogleCloud, running, volleyball, football. Startups and tech are my jam.

James Tamplin

Co-founder @Firebase. Perpetual Optimist. bio from Twitter

Abe Haskins

My name is Abe. I write code and answer questions at @Firebase :D bio from Twitter

Artur Bergman

CEO of Fastly, hates slow things, temporarily not nomadic. bio from Twitter

Michael Sippey

Reader, writer, arithmetic-er. Product lover. Long time blogger, music listener, art looker, commuter. Dad. Not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Mark Rogers

Founding commissioning editor bbc.co.uk, co-founder Amazon Anywhere, founder sentinel-projects.com. Warning: may contain cycling tweets. bio from Twitter

Simon Wardley

I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice.

Brian Gracely

Sr.Director @EMCcode | Co-Host @thecloudcastnet | Smoker @OinkBBQNC | SEC Football | Dad | bio from Twitter

Paul Johnston

AWS Serverless Developer Advocate, Cofounder JeffConf, ex CTO @Movivo, Startups, Techie, Geek and Christian Green profile pic: #ClimateChange. Views are my own bio from Twitter

Craig Box

Digital Factotum bio from Twitter

Susan J. Fowler

Editor in Chief of @IncrementMag. Wife of @rigetti. Founder of @susansbookclub. I love all things computer science, math, physics, and philosophy. bio from Twitter


Front end web developer, artist. And I love a good tune. bio from Twitter