Annette Priest

UX Strategy | Research | Design Executive .:. Founder - Revel Insight .:. I don't make anything, I make anything easier.

People first. Then tasks. Then tech. Six words, but a powerful approach to prioritizing for UX design at every level. ... See full bio

Austin in United States

Spoken at 19 events in 4 countries

Annette Priest recently attended

  1. Collaborate Bristol Conference and Workshop - UX | Design | IA

    England England, Bristol

    10th11th November 2016

    Annette Priest spoke

  2. Calabash Festival

    Jamaica Jamaica, Treasure Beach

    3rd5th June 2016

    Annette Priest attended

  3. IA Summit 2016

    United States United States, Atlanta

    4th8th May 2016

    Annette Priest was involved

  4. UX Hong Kong 2016

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    11th12th March 2016

    Annette Priest spoke

  5. UX Rebels Summit

    17th November 2015

    Annette Priest spoke

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