Andy Appleton

Writes JavaScript and Ruby at @heroku, makes http://notesy.co

Spoken at 8 events in 1 country

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José Valim

@plataformatec founder, Open Source developer, Rails Core Team Member, Ruby Hero and creator of Elixir, code available at github.com/josevalim bio from Twitter

Niklas Richardson

Father, Husband, Geek, Amateur Photographer, Herokai. My views my own, not that of my employer! bio from Twitter

Steve Domin

webops @GoCardless (YC S11) bio from Twitter

Jon Mountjoy

Human behaviour, evolution, friends, food, genetics, rationality, reason, words, culture, travel, code and cloud. Product at Heroku. bio from Twitter

Wesley Beary

gamer, hacker, herokai, mentor, open sourced, quantified, self bio from Twitter

Greg Burek

I make things.

Jamu Kakar

Drummer working for @heroku. bio from Twitter

Peter van Hardenberg

Heroku Postgres co-founder

Natasha Sayce-Zelem

Head of Technology at Sky

Justin Searls

Maintaining a healthy disrespect for the status quo since first learning what status quo meant Head of computer and microwave programming at @testdouble.

Josh W Lewis

Sr Developer at Heroku. Ruby, Rails, Backbone, Ember, Elixir. I like cool stuff. bio from Twitter

Timothée Peignier

I live in Vancouver and work with a bunch of extraordinary people with whom I do things like Croisé dans le Métro and many more ...

Corey Donohoe

My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks. bio from Twitter

James Robert

I'm a hacker. Love python, django, and jQuery. Aspiring nodejs & coffeescript user. Startup founder @rootbuzz, robot lover, and musician. Love a good problem bio from Twitter

Richard McIntyre

Leeds based web designer/developer. Doing mainly PHP and Rails back and front-end work with a splash of Java and Python. イギリスにすんでいる関西人(笑)! bio from Twitter

Erik Straub

Partner and developer @madgloryint. Boarding, beer, coffee, and code :) bio from Twitter


Consulting for startups in NYC. Coding mostly Ember, eating mostly veggies. bio from Twitter

Paul Elliott

Rocketeer @ Hashrocket and frequent co-host of the Ruby5 podcast. I love wine and motorcycles, but never at the same time. bio from Twitter

Guðmundur Bjarni

I do Developer Experience at Heroku. Also known to like coffee, music, singing, playing guitar and piano, reading, running, hanging out, … bio from Twitter

Robin Ward

Co-Founder of Discourse. Creator of Forumwarz. The Evilest Trout of them all. bio from Twitter