Ayman Farhat

Computer programming is the greatest form of self expression, I enjoy building software, web apps and writing about code.

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Raghd Hamzeh

Geek; Book lover; @google & @Ubuntu fanatic; @tedxbeirut volunteer. NOTE: I'm the one solely responsible for the opinions I voice. bio from Twitter

Elie Khoury

Founder & CEO Woopra, Inc. Jazzist, Guitarist, UI/UX Fanatic, Photographer, Developer, Entrepreneur, Activist... bio from Twitter


Modern workflows for modern webapps. bio from Twitter

Joe Armstrong

Grumpy old man who is neither old nor grumpy bio from Twitter

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich invented JavaScript, co-founded mozilla.org, and serves as CTO, Mozilla. bio from Twitter

Alexandra Tohme

in bed with the Middle East startup crowd / likes tech, innovation and communities / Digital Strategy @ OgilvyOne bio from Twitter

Ben Rattray

Founder and CEO of Change.org. bio from Twitter

Ask Solem

Developer working for VMware in London. Celery (celeryproject.org) lead dev, Python, AMQP bio from Twitter

Leah Culver

iOS and Python developer. Former founder of @groveio, @convore, and @pownce. bio from Twitter

John Polacek

Lead Web Developer @AuctionsByCell. Creator of Scrollorama, BigVideo.js, Responsivator, Controldeck.js etc. http://johnpolacek.github.io bio from Twitter

Benjamin Doherty

#drupal #palestine #bds #doomedCulture #magicCracker #pansyLeft Tweets in all capital letters are not meant literally. bio from Twitter

Jessica Dillon


Guido van Rossum

Python BDFL. Working at Dropbox. bio from Twitter

Jeremy Ashkenas

Interactive News at the NYTimes / DocumentCloud • Creator of CoffeeScript + Backbone.js • Code is Literature bio from Twitter

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins Personal Twitter Account. bio from Twitter

Ben Alman

I'm a senior developer at @bocoup, creator of @gruntjs, and frequent contributor to @jquery. I also coined the term IIFE and play a mean funk bass. bio from Twitter

Jason VanLue

CEO of @envylabs // author of http://threepi.pe and http://brandingmatters.net // whiskey & wine enthusiast // most importantly: husband, dad of 3, Christian. bio from Twitter

Naomi Klein

they say I'm polarizing bio from Twitter

Michael Tyson

Wandering Europe/UK in a motorhome called Nettle, while writing tasty iOS software as A Tasty Pixel: Audiobus, Loopy, Loopy HD and The Cartographer. bio from Twitter

Hakim El Hattab

Creative JavaScript coder and CSS tweaker • Lead Interactive Developer at Qwiki bio from Twitter